Nera Castletown

Map of Nera Castletown

Nera Castletown is one of only two town regions within LUNA Online (the other being Alker Harbor). Several NPC types can be found here, including a Materials Merchant, an Armor Merchant, and a Warehouse representative.

NPCs Edit

  • Cindamook (Sage)
  • Dasada (Sales Rep NPC)
  • Dexter (Blacksmith)
  • Event Mouse
  • Geoffery (Armor Merchant)
  • Laqia (Warehouse)
  • Iggy
  • Margaret (Pub Manager)
  • Meriel (Materials Merchant)
  • Parfait (Guild Manager)
  • Piriona (Accessory Merchant)
  • Serie (Acting Troupe)

Neighboring Regions Edit

  • Fairy Valley
  • Giant Garden
  • Knights Graveyard
  • Nera Harbor

Trivia Edit

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