Mont Blanc Port

Map of Mont Blanc Port

Mont Blanc Port is a region of Blueland. Visually inaccessible, it is actually located south of Red Orc Outpost and is also accessible via the Desolate Ravine.

NPCs Edit

  • Berkamia
  • Charles (Treasure Manager)
  • Hunter's Union Board
  • Juke (Port Manager)
  • Kaysa (Expert Collector)
  • Merta (Pet Item Merchant)
  • Namias (Warehouse)
  • Rober (Treasure Manager)
  • Seitz (Hunter's Union)

Monsters Edit

I haven't explored this region yet...

Neighboring Regions Edit

  • Desolate Ravine
  • Dryed Gazell Fall
  • Red Orc Outpost

Trivia Edit

No little-known facts to report yet...