Experience is a game mechanic in LUNA Online used to estimate the level of progression a character has achieved in order to level up, obtain points to allocate to statistics to improve them, bypass equipment restrictions, unlock newer and/or higher level skills and generally become more powerful. Experience can be obtained from killing mobs and completing quests. If enough experience has been accumulated the player character will 'level up', granting all of the above. In addition to improving a character, compensation boxes are awarded to player characters after each leveling up significantly, usually containing a free albeit random piece of equipment relating to that level as to further improve the player's survivability and statistics further.

All player characters start at Level 1.

Level Experience Required
2 12
2 32
3 78
4 143
5 227
6 330
7 330
8 504
9 714
10 1080
11 1662
12 2242
13 3016