Alker Harbor

Map of Alker Harbor

Alker Harbor is one of only two town regions within Blueland (the other being Nera Castletown). Many NPC types can be found here, including a Materials Merchant, Class Leaders, a Blacksmith, and an Armor Merchant. Additionally, dozens of players congregate at Alker Harbor to sell individual wares for a profit. Alker Harbor is a popular place to gather because of its instant availability to the player (whereas Nera Castletown is off-limits to lower-leveled players).

NPCs Edit

  • Boucheron (Armor Merchant)
  • Celerian (Family Manager)
  • Chef (Cooking Aid)
  • Ellenshar (Guild Manager)
  • Event Mouse
  • Farouk (Magician's League)
  • Hafreban (Port Manager)
  • Kitty Cat (House Manager)
  • Lime (Farm Manager)
  • Luna (Priestess)
  • Parada (Sales Rep NPC)
  • Piellenshar (Warehouse)
  • Request Board
  • Spirit of the Forest
  • Tasarita (Materials Merchant)
  • Tierre (Rogue Union)
  • Wiff (Knights Party)
  • Wisy (Sensibility)
  • Zank (Blacksmith)

Neighboring Regions Edit

  • Alker Farm Region
  • Desolate Ravine
  • Gate of Alker
  • Nera Harbor
  • Ruins of Draconian

Trivia Edit

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